Meet The Banshees...

ERICA, late 30s, right wing, is a single mom whose nest and bed are sadly empty.

STEPH, mid 30s, centre, plays so much hockey, she doesn't have time to worry about dating.

DANIELLE, mid 30s, left wing, gets more than the rest of the team, but plays by her own rules.

DEB and SUE, late 30s, defence, are happily married with a toddler and desperate to win at something other than peek-a-boo.

ALICE, mid 30s, is the enigmatic goalie who will do anything for her teammates.

LUCY, 20, centre, is Erica's daughter, young, talented, and buying certain embarrassing things in bulk.

WILLIAM, early 30s, is the coach who faces a classic dilemma - how to lead clashing personalities and a really short bench to victory while he's obsessing about his last chance to connect with the girl of his dreams.

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